What life or work transition isn’t easier with friends, family, or colleagues? Recognizing transitions is cathartic.  When my oldest son, Josh, graduated from high school one of his classmate’s moms, Carol, invited me for a Moms’ Tea.  A group of twenty moms of high school graduates, many who met when their sons and daughters enrolled in kindergarten, gathered at Carol’s home.  During the Tea we were asked to share our reactions to our kids’ graduation.

The answers were as varied as the moms.  Some were euphoric; some could barely articulate their thoughts through tears; some were pragmatic.   All understood that graduation would change their family dynamics and to some degree their role in the community.  Like many life transitions, it was an occasion of mixed emotions.   And, like many celebrations, we found lots to toast and laugh about.  Carol honored moms while applauding children.  Kudos for Carol.

Toast colleagues, friends and family.  It’s good for your health!

Life is short.  Celebrate!