Every Patriot’s Day thousands of dedicated runners converge from all parts of the world to participate in the Boston Marathon.  They train vigorously to achieve a personal goal or enable a charity to reach theirs.

Patriot’s Day embodies what’s best about Boston.  Most businesses and schools are closed.  It’s a rite of Spring Holiday.  Red Sox play ball at 11:00 am.  Historical re-enactments take place throughout the City and beyond.  Runners line up at the crack of dawn at the Boston Marathon starting line in Hopkinton.  Live music and impromptu barbecue parties line the Marathon route.  Throughout there’s a spirit of joy and inspiration.

My first date with my husband was on Patriot’s Day.  He literally swept me off my feet. After enjoying a French restaurant lunch, Red Sox game, and then cheering for Marathon runners, he carried me into a local bar.  I don’t know what was in that drink, but we’ve been together ever since.

No doubt others have Patriot’s Day family stories, too.  Yesterday’s Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon 26.2 mile run ended at the finish line in tragedy.  The horrendous blasts injured and killed loved ones.  Heartfelt condolences to their family and friends. Boston mourns.  It’s hard to believe.  What could possibly motivate any person(s) to orchestrate such a ruthless attack?

The response from the Boston police, FBI, fire department, medical community, and volunteers is exemplary.  With time Boston will become even stronger and Patriot’s Day will prevail.  Many are wondering if there is anything they can do.  At present, here are a few options:

Inform family and friends that you are safe and well: Red Cross Safe and Well 

If you have information about someone or you’re looking for someone after the disaster  check: Google Person Finder

Mayor’s Hotline for families of victims: 617-635-4500

Boston Police Hotline for witnesses who may have information: 800-494-8477

If you would like to offer a place to stay for marathoners who are stranded in Boston: I have a place to stay

If you are a marathoner stranded in Boston and need a place to stay: Need a place to stay

The Red Cross does not need blood at this time.  You can, however, schedule a time in the future to donate blood: Red Cross

If anyone has further information about supportive resources please let us know.  Many thanks.

Reach out to your loved ones.