Pumpkins disguised as football fans 

Here’s to tasteful “ham”!  An oxymoron?  Set an elegant table.  Serve delicious dishes. Ham up the Holidays!  ‘Want to caffeinate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve events?  Serving or being served – pass the “ham”!  Each holiday gathering presents an opportunity to create memories.  If having “fun” – not taking the moment too seriously is important, here are a few of my favorite links to places from CA to NY to MA that have your back:

Silly hats – get hosts/hostesses/guests into the spirit (highly rated on yelp):  http://www.villagehatshop.com/chistmas-and-hannukah-hats.html

Unexpected necessities” for host/hostess gifts or favors: http://blackinkboston.squarespace.com/

Novelty gifts – adds levity, breaks the ice (Figuratively and literally!  They sell ice molds): http://fredandfriends.com/

Not Your Average Kitchenware Store – examples: ceramic berry box, artist palette cheese tray, NYT Crossword Puzzle Mug, “In Crowd” Celery Dish: http://www.fishseddy.com/

Chocolate prepared in the Viennese tradition with fine ingredients  – themed chocolates for favors or gifts, including special pinata cakes with custom messaging and handmade chocolates inside): http://www.serenadechocolatier.com/

Fun jewelry (such as light up Christmas Lights necklaces) and an array of fun stuff not listed online but available online and in the store, as well as a wonderful book and travel guide selection, knowledgeable and friendly customer service: http://www.brooklinebooksmith.com/gifts2012/cng.html

Ideas?  Send your favorite resources for fun Holiday Celebrations.

Happy “Ham”-Filled Holidays!

Life is short.  Celebrate!