2013 and 2012 written in sand with waves

Party to Progress

The New Year is a good time to establish a new direction or improve an existing goal.  Planning a party makes achieving New Year’s Resolutions easy and way more fun than making changes alone. You’ve probably set personal goals. (Or perhaps others have suggested a few! Those don’t count.) That said, resolve not to let time, money, energy, a messy home or office, “what if’s,” others’ perceptions, or ANY excuses prevent you from achieving your goals. Then, consider the Party steps to your success.

Here are some examples:

Spend more time with friends. Plan a spontaneous potluck, meet up at a local restaurant, or planned event.

Provide opportunities for colleagues to become better acquainted.
Arrange for an outside of the office get-together or reserve the office conference room – whatever works.

Honor someone who deserves recognition.
Put your Powerpoint skills to the test. Create a presentation for the Honoree. Toast. Honor in keeping with Honoree’s values.

Celebrate success.
Appreciate competence, compassion, and reliability.

Make a difference.
Work with a nonprofit organization to lead or support a fundraising event.

Mark a life transition.
Births, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, wedding proposals, new jobs, retirements, graduations, reunions, divorces, deaths – all opportunities to acknowledge life’s passages, create memorable moments, and share inspiration.

Lose weight, exercise regularly, adopt a healthy diet, get more sleep, read more, work less, forgive, appreciate – whatever you choose for your goal – incentivize, support, and celebrate with others. Plan a party!
A New Year’s Resolution party can be as small as sharing a pizza and conversation with friends or as large as sharing a ballroom and dance floor with a crowd. What’s the best fit for your 2013 New Year’s Resolution Party Solution?

Life is short. Celebrate!