On March 7th, The Boston Business Journal reported that, “The Restoration Hardware launch party shut down by police called ‘one of the worst planned events in Boston party history.'”  When the number of guests exceeded the temporary occupancy permit 2,000 person capacity by 300 to 400 people, the Boston police department shut down the party early.

The Takeaways:

1.  RSVP and Door management is critical – especially when a party features exceptional entertainment, food, beverages, and company, planned by one of the country’s most famous, reliable, and inventive party planners, Rafanelli Events.

2.  Post party acknowledgement and outreach helps.  Restoration Hardware might consider reaching out to guests.  Idea: personal letter apology from the Restoration Hardware CEO “restoring” his brand.  And, perhaps in keeping with Daylight Savings Time, announce that Restoration Hardware is springing forward with exciting home furnishings, spring cleaning products, and a renewed sense of time and space.  There’s a fine line between respecting the customer and using humor.  Finding the right sweet spot can make a difference in healthy customer relations.

3.  What worked at the party?  Is it possible to get testimonials from those who enjoyed the evening despite the unfortunate early ending?

The silver lining: Restoration Hardware can use this unexpected press as an opportunity.  All who plan parties benefit, too.