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5 Time, Energy, and Money Saving Party Planning Tips:

 1. Invite Instantly

Save time, money, and energy by NOT shopping for invitations and stamps, looking up addresses, writing on invitations and envelopes, mailing invitations, and following up with guests who haven’t responded.  Rather, with Paperless Post all you have to do is enter guests’ e-mail addresses, choose an invitation, fill in information, and send.  You save further time and prevent awkward conversations by scheduling automatic reminder notes to those who have not responded by a given date.  When filling out your invitation be explicit about date, time, place, type of party, name of host(s) and RSVP date.  Paperless Post does the rest!

2. Plan Ahead

If you run out of time, you’re plum out of luck.  To avoid last minute predicaments, create a list of all necessary arrangements.  You don’t want to be waiting for the guests to arrive and discover that you forgot to clean the bathroom.  For a basic party planning checklist see suggestions by  Real Simple.

 3. Do Decorate

Whether you’re planning a Birthday, Anniversary, Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, Academy Awards, or Cinco de Mayo Party, set the stage. Decorations can be simple and inexpensive.  For example, for Valentine’s Day, consider decorating tables with conversation candy hearts, Hershey’s chocolate kisses, cut out red paper hearts, and red rose petals.  For an Academy Awards Celebration make a sign for the paparazzi, and set movie theater cartons of popcorn and movie candy in strategic places.  If you’re hosting a Superbowl Party and have a few footballs, you’ve got a centerpiece.  Make signs out of butcher block paper, and purchase a few pom poms and megaphones from a party store.  You can get a variety of decorating ideas at your local party store or iParty.   

4. Create a Menu

Find out if guests have food preferences and limitations.  With that in mind, chose items that are realistic for you to make or purchase.  If you like to cook, Epicurious has interesting entertaining ideas, menus, and recipes.  Many restaurants and caterers offer great food for entertaining and accommodate dietary restrictions.  One example in Brookline, MA is The Fireplace, known for high quality New England comfort food. Party menus can be simple with a twist.  Instead of the usual pizza for this year’s Superbowl Party, consider sharing a 6 foot submarine sandwich while drinking beer in half yard of ale glasses or mason jars.  Valentine’s Day Party guests might like a sweet and savory Crepe Buffet, supplied by a local Creperie, such as The Paris Creperie.  What could be better than Jambalaya for a Madi Gras Party?  You can make Jambalaya the day before, or plan ahead and contact your local caterer, such as the real deal, Miss Jeanie for the best Louisiana cooking this side of the Mason Dixon line.  If you live near Brookline, MA, Party Favors features cakes for every occasion.  Special orders require a minimum of 10 days notice.  Thinking of hosting a cooking class? Contact Liora Kushner ([email protected]) who caters as well as teaches groups of adults or children. Her specialty is Moroccan cuisine.

5. Enjoy!

Be sure that all plans enable you to be available at the party.  Either serve foods and beverages that do not require your attention during the party or arrange to have helpers in the kitchen. Helpers can be hired through part-time business offices at local universities or Event Temps.

The 2013 Party Year has begun. Stress less; enjoy more.  

To your Good Celebrations!

Life is short.  Celebrate!