Text, tweet, and call for face to face conversation.  Positive social connections increase longevity.  Maintaining positive relationships is as important as exercising, following a healthy diet, or not smoking.  In a Scientific American article by Katherine Harmon, the author illustrates how “social ties boost survival by 50 percent” : Nurturing friendships and family connections may enhance all aspects of life.

“Are you kidding?” you ask.  “Responsibilities at work and home are overwhelming.  Meeting someone for lunch or hosting a dinner party seems frivolous.”

What may seem superficial compared to pressing needs is a priority.  Invest in yourself.  Take a break.  Schedule a lunch, dinner or party.  Meet with a longtime friend or family member.  Join a social group.  Attend a celebration.  Host a party.  Share ideas.  Get feedback.  Provide support.  Swap resources.  Relate stories.  Relax.  Laugh.

Opportunities for relationship building count in the workplace, too.  Businesses are rejuvenated when Staff, Board Members, or Customers/Clients have opportunities to interact.  A nonprofit organization hosts a dinner prior to a Board Meeting.  A florist hosts a “Flower Arranging 101” class for customers.  The local sports equipment retail store invites customers for coffee with a sports coach.  School PTO’s schedule gatherings to enable parents to meet other parents.  Businesses host parties.

Technology provides unimagined opportunities, however nothing replaces a good party.  No focus groups needed.  Studies indicate that positive relationships increase longevity.  Focus on yourself.  Host a party!

Good Celebrations, LLC

Life is short.  Celebrate!